Pantheon Overview

Pantheon Private Lending is a leading boutique private lending firm specializing in residential fix and flip loans across 12 states and territories.

Pantheon was founded by Daniel Richardson in 2012 to provide affordable financing to real estate investors during the fallout of the financial crisis. Over the past six years, Pantheon has developed into one of the most reputable lenders to fix and flip real estate investors in the nation.

Despite expanding to a national presence, Pantheon remains a nimble, family-run organization committed to developing relationships, providing personalized service, eliminating bureaucracy, and simplifying the financing process for our borrowing partners.

Pantheon serves as a capital partner to professional real estate investors of all experience levels, often becoming an integral part of our borrowing partners’ business processes. By eliminating the capital concerns associated with financing real estate investment projects, Pantheon frees borrowing partners to spread their time, attention, and capital across more projects.

Why should I consider Pantheon?

Our commitment to developing long-lasting personal and professional relationships with our borrowing partners is what distinguishes us from our competitors. The “Pantheon Advantage” is captured through six merits:

Fast – We approve new clients in as little as 24 hours and process most loan requests within one week.

Affordable – Our loan rates and terms are competitive with any private lender in the industry and compare favorably to “hard-money” lenders—allowing you to maximize your profit!

Relationship-Oriented – Our goal at Pantheon is to become your preferred capital partner. We aim to build long-term personal and professional relationships with real estate investors who complete numerous projects each year. Mutual trust and a win-win mentality are the cornerstones of our relationship philosophy.

Efficient – We strive to keep bureaucracy, administration, and “process” to a minimum so that you can focus on doing what you do best—fixing and flipping properties!

Personal Service – As a family-run business, Pantheon strongly believes in exemplary service and a personal touch to achieve borrower satisfaction. To ensure optimal service, our borrowing partners always work directly with a member of our senior management team!

Dependable – Since our founding in 2012, Pantheon has never failed to fund a loan commitment on time and in full. In addition, we are devoted to assisting our borrowing partners through any obstacles and/or frustrations throughout the financing process.